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                  BRIEF INTRODUCTION

                  BRIEF INTRODUCTION

                  Xiamen Haitou Logistics Co., Ltd

                  As a key logistics company in Xiamen City, Xiamen Haitou Logistics Co., Ltd. was established by Xiamen Haitou Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Huashang Zongheng Pioneering Investment Co., Ltd in 1998.

                  Haitou Logistics is one of the port-neighboring logistics companies of the largest operation scale in Xiamen port with an operation area of 620,000  m2. The company and its subsidiaries and the holding (joint stock) company provide around-the-clock and all-in-one professional comprehensive logistics service for the trade and circulation among domestic and foreign cargo owner, shipping company and forwarders by virtue of superior advantages, professional teams and advanced information systems. Based on traditional services of customs and inspection declaration, yard and warehouse transportation, container yard and others, the company is devoted to exploring third party logistics service project, such as bonded logistics, supply chain management and logistics finance, and extending the logistics industrial chain to forge complete one-stop service.