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                  CONTAINER OPERATOR

                  CONTAINER OPERATOR

                  Dry container management

                  Have long-term working experience with world-famous shipping companies, we keep providing quality container yard service with advanced operation equipment and management software and offering clients various comprehensive services (such as value-added service) with the focus on container life cycle services.

                  l  Inspection, maintenance, handling and storage of containers

                  The container yard is of 180,000 m2 with capacity of 45,000 TEU. The maintenance area is up to 5,000 m2. We are provided with special machines, such as 7 eight-layer stacking machine and 3 eight-tonnage forklifts. We have international container surveyors with IICL qualification and a batch of excellent professional container examining and repairing talents and are provided with advanced instrument for the examination and repair of various containers, perfect information management system and a monitoring system which can conduct 24-hour monitoring of the inside of the container yard.

                  l  Container sales

                  Based on strong resource advantages of China International Marine Containers, container resources and fittings are sufficient. The intermediate procedures are saved and the cost performance is high.

                  l  Container examination

                  Located in the Haicang Free Trade Zone for fast and easy data delivery, which facilitates clients to get port clearance.

                  Special container management

                  l  Deepfreeze PTI, pier monitoring, emergency maintenance service

                  We have a constant-temperature workshop of 180 m2 and advanced maintenance equipment for reefer container. There are 32 sockets in PTI area which can provide 24 hours power supply for reefer containers.

                  l  Tank cleaning and technology service

                  We are the biggest professional tank cleaning service provider in Fujian province and equipped with professional software and hardware facilities and professional teams.

                  l  Car Carrier Containers for Export (BUSDECK)

                  We realize batch liner service of commercial vehicles and help commercial vehicle enterprises of China improve efficiency and save cost in the supply chain (production, storage, delivery, cash flow and so on).

                  Transformation of container house and special container

                  Integrated with research and development, design, production, sale and service, we provide clients with comprehensive customized container and container house solutions.

                  l  Electric container

                  We have designated electric equipment fixed in the customized containers, perfect inner decoration and electricity connection and realize removability and quick power on and use of equipment.

                  l  Module Building

                  Based on container module, we adopt the mode of “manufacturing-in-factory + on-site installation” and build and decorate architectures of various styles for different usages and functions.

                  l  Movable container

                  After design and decoration, containers can be used for product exhibition, for example, they can be used in real estate industry as quickly assembled show apartments on site.